Tope Fajingbesi  of Impact Africa interviewing Uswege for the podcast.

Tope Fajingbesi of Impact Africa interviewing Uswege for the podcast.


Arizona Foothills

january 2016

Global Initiative

University of Arizona Honors College

December 2015

When Adam Rubin first traveled to Tanzania in 2009 to volunteer for an HIV/AIDS organization, he said he had no idea his trip would cause him to pursue a much larger purpose. Rubin, who is now a master's student studying nonprofit leadership and management, has since begun a nonprofit and international organization that focuses on youth leadership.

Rubin said he and his co-founder saw a huge gap in the education system that needed to be fixed and transformed.

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RENEW - Together We Can Bring Change

The Fame game with Maddie rose

july 2015

This week on "The Fame Game with MaddieRose" we welcome Co-Founders Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango of RENEW. RENEW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that envisions an interconnected world where young people are working together to address issues threatening their communities. They are on a mission to inspire, empower, and enable young people to positively impact their communities.

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“Together we can bring change” is the motto of nonprofit RENEW and its co-founders Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango. Together, they have launched an educational program to assist youth in positively impacting their community. While the organization has primarily focused on helping Tanzanians, RENEW will make its debut in the United States next month in Phoenix.

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One local graduate is turning students into leaders. In March 2013, Adam Rubin began RENEW, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that teaches leadership skills to youth in the African country of Tanzania. He cofounded the group with Uswege Mwakapango, whom he met while visiting the country. Rubin, a graduate of Sedona Red Rock High School, first went to the country through a volunteer program at the University of Arizona. He returned and met with Mwakapango, who is his age, and educated locals on HIV/AIDS as well as leadership lessons to high school students. Those leadership classes ended up being the inspiration for RENEW.

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Game Changer

Sedona Monthly

November 2014

Changing ourselves changes the world. In 2013, a group of daily givers, myself included, committed to provide seed funding to a fledgling social change project every single day of the year. At the Pollination Project, we continue this practice of daily giving by making seed grants every day in 2014. We welcome you to join us in your own way. Here are the extraordinary people and projects that we supported this week. During his time living in Tanzania, Adam Rubin met Uswege Mwakapango , a Tanzanian, that worked alongside Adam conducting HIV awareness campaigns in small rural villages. Adam and Uswege connected deeply with the challenges faced by local communities and decided to take all of the experience and valuable insight they had gained to create RENEW.

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