The RENEW Team


Name: Adam Rubin

Position at RENEW: Executive Director

What I'm grateful for: The young people we have the opportunity to serve. The donors who make this dream possible every single day. This incredible team: a group of hard-working visionaries that believe in creating a change that's bigger than all of us, and infusing passion and purpose into every minute of their work.

Name: Uswege Mwakapango

Position at RENEW: Country Director

What I'm grateful for: To be a part of this community of wonderful people. I am very grateful for all of the support and trust by individuals, corporations who invest in the well-being of many by being a part of this youth-led organization. Together we facilitate youth self-discovery, development and transformation.

Name: Jennifer Arellano

Position at RENEW: Curriculum Development and Fundraising Intern

What I am grateful for: I am grateful for my father's strength. He is a fighter as he has battled with various illnesses and beat them all.

Name: Jessica Wochner

Position at RENEW: Graphic Design Intern

What I'm grateful for: The ability to leave an impact on one another, proving that our lives make small differences.


Name: Lauren Meredith

Position at RENEW: Digital Marketing and Communications Intern

What I'm grateful for: This season I am thankful for my health, for hugs, and for good friends. I am especially thankful for the time I spend with family. And I am grateful for the good people who wake up every morning striving to make this world a better place.

Name: Savannah Thomas

Position at RENEW: Crowdfunding Intern

What I'm grateful for: The little things in life! Sweet smelling roses, belly laughs with family, and sunny Arizona winters.