RENEW was founded on the idea that challenges communities face can be solved by the bright young minds residing within these communities. This idea began to manifest into something greater – a vision of an interconnected world, where young people and their communities are working together to solve some of our greatest global challenges. 

Youth in our program come up with innovative solutions to problems in their communities; however, they need your help to see their ideas come to life. You see, when you purchase a RENEW t-shirt, you don’t just get a shirt; you are also supporting a young-person’s vision of a better world. You are supporting leadership, community, empowerment, and so much more. You are giving your vote of confidence to a future generation and affirming deeply in their spirits that their dreams are meaningful, and that you believe that whatever they can dream up they can achieve.

Truly, change does not happen through one person: change requires all of us to stand up and join forces. Now, we ask you to unite with this community, and help us build this model for global change. A community where we share ideas...we support one another...we dream big – because only together will we make a difference. Together we can bring change.