I feel so extremely lucky and honoured to have been a part of #theRENEWexperience this year for more reasons than one. To have had the opportunity to work along side the amazing people in this family at Mukumira Secondary School in Arusha, helping to facilitate personal development workshops has been both challenging yet extremely rewarding.
The students who we worked with were filled with so much happiness, spirit and an eagerness to make a difference in their lives which has undoubtedly inspired us all. Seeing the change in their perspectives and the smiles on their faces during the workshops was truly enlightening and I couldn't be happier being a part of such a life changing month.

In every day life, we are not queried or asked to think about what truly makes us happy, or what we truly value in the world. Life gets in the way and the importance of recognising yourself as someone who is worthy of joy, love and happiness is slowly pushed aside. This experience has given us all the opportunity to slow down, and to show up as the person that we have always known that we are. 
I have truly had one of the best months of my life thanks to the legends in this family ❤️