BEing part of this program has allowed me to look at myself on a deeper level within to SEE who I really AM. To be able to see the little boy inside me and acknowledge the greatness he is, to allow me to show up in the world as my TRUE self, my Authentic self, with an openness and an honest heart.

It has connected me with my purpose of wanting to create great change in the world with this life I have been gifted.

While you, my beautiful family are watching this video, take a moment to really SEE the smiles, the HEARTS of these beautiful souls and the change, the Hope they now have to BE who they want to be and the change these kids want to create in the world and the love that has been discovered. The love for themselves.

The RENEW program is a game changer to move forward into a new paradigm of living that this world needs to give us peace and harmony for the next generations to continue living and loving.

The 2018 program is OPEN. If you really want to really find YOU and to make a huge global impact apply NOW! It will change your life forever and create the ripple effect for us to all become ONE.

Much love ❤️