On April 7, RENEW joins the ranks of nearly 1,000 local Arizona charities to take part in Arizona Gives Day.  Last year, Arizonans donated nearly $1.4 million in support of non-profits in their communities.  But why do people give? Studies show that giving is contagious, and that we are more likely to give if our friends do it.  As the saying goes, sharing is caring.


With this year's donations RENEW is primed to expand workshops in Tanzania to 12 new schools, and pilot a youth leadership workshop program here in Phoenix, AZ.  Donors have the opportunity to not only fund a global initiatve, but now they can also give local as well. Are you ready to give local? Visit the RENEW page at the Arizona Gives Day site on Tuesday, April 7th and make your donation.


Not sure you’re ready to donate?  Here are 7 reasons to give local on Arizona Gives Day:


Top 7 Reasons to Give Local on April 7

7. Get a jump start on your 2016 tax deductions.

6. See your dollars impacting your community directly.

5. Help RENEW win a $15,000 prize for the "Small Nonprofit with Most Donors"

4. Your friends are doing it.

3. Support leadership development for high school kids in your community.

2. You were looking for your next great volunteer opportunity anyway.

1. You would look great in a RENEW t-shirt.


Why do you give?