On Sunday December 4th, we spoke to more than 400 conscious leaders at The New Way Live in Sydney, sharing our vision for RENEW.

With hands in prayer, I led the room through an emotional visualization where they pictured a child they love, standing in front of them crying.

"They're crying because somebody told them they're not good enough to go after their dream, and they believed it. They're crying because something happened in their life, and they've been blaming themselves for it. They're crying because no matter how hard they try, they just can't find a way to love themselves. They're crying because life feels so painful and confusing sometimes...and nobody ever taught them how to handle this type of pain."

"And as you sit there with all of their pain in your heart, you feel tears well up in your eyes. Because as you sit and stare at that child, you see yourself in their eyes. You can see all the pain and confusion you went through as a child, and you remember how impossible it felt. You can hear all the voices that told you you're not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough. Not enough. With nobody there to teach you how to love yourself. With nobody there to help you discover yourself. With nobody there to help you see how beautiful you really are."

As I held this space for everybody in the room, I could feel myself speaking to their inner child. I looked out and I could see their tears. I breathed deeply and I could feel their hearts.

And in that moment, I realized we are all still the inner child within us. The child who never received the love they deserved. The child who just needed somebody to believe in them. The child who felt hurt and confused, and carried that pain into adulthood...

But what if we healed that child while they're still young? Before the pain turned into blocks...before the self-doubt turned into limiting beliefs that frame their lives?

Imagine how different your life would have looked if you had personal development when you were still a child.

Our children ARE the new way. Let's create a world where all of them learn to love themselves and live their dreams from an early age. Because they deserve that, just like you did.


On Monday, December 12th we held a RENEW workshop at Springfield Lakes Community Center in Brisbane, Australia.💗❤️💗

When we showed up to the workshop on Monday, it would have been easy to feel disappointed..

We had 10 kids registered for the workshop, but we walked in to only find 3 of them. Not a problem..we did a camp in Arizona this summer with 4 kids and it was one of our most powerful programs ever. So we dug into day one, and it was beautiful.

Then we got there on day 2 and we're greeted by only two of the girls. The third girl couldn't make it and had dropped out of the 3 day program. We felt disappointed, because we feel a deep desire to serve each and every kid and we already how powerful this program can be for them from the minute they sit down with us. But we pushed forward with these beautiful two little girls, and it was one of my favorite days ever in a RENEW workshop. Manaia's parents spent the morning with us, and shared such a beautiful heartfelt moment with their little girl, one that required emotional and physical space where they came together with so much love. I was so taken aback by it, and as I said to Manaia's dad afterwards, "this is so beautiful and I have a feeling that this space was meant to be small. For you to experience this together, as a family. Everything happens for a reason."

As the day moved forward, Janelle and Manaia were so open and honest as Amy dove into self-love. They really let themselves be vulnerable as we talked about what we love about ourselves, but also what we don't love. We talked about the pain of bullying in schools and problems at home, and my heart was truly floored as these girls, 10 and 12 years old, completely opened up to us on just the second day. After tears and long hugs goodbye, we couldn't wait for our third day with these two beautiful souls.

And as we walked in on the third and final day, there was no Janelle. It turned out that her parents work schedule made it impossible for them to drop her off, and so it was just us and Manaia.

We sat and discussed what a workshop looks like for just one student. Usually we have 30-40 students in a room. Never before have we run a program for just one person.

But again, the discussion with Manaia's dad came back to me and the voice came into my head again:

"Everything happens for a reason"

So we set the intention, and decided to pour everything we have into that little girl. To make sure she feels respected, supported, cared for, appreciated, LOVED. We gave her our attention and our hearts, ALL OF IT. And as the day ended, it was all validated with this beautiful smile on her face. The self-doubt was gone. The negative thinking subsiding. Talking openly about her feelings. Declaring "in order to live in my greatness, I will stop blaming myself. I will be kind to myself. I will be a friend to myself."

And with that, a little girl can breathe a little bit easier. Can treat herself with a little bit more ease, more grace. A little bit more love. And that's why we do what we do. To create that space and watch them flourish.

Because at the end of the day, it's not about the numbers. It's about the individual lives you change and transform. It's about that one smile. That one day where she gave herself another chance. That one moment where she decided to appreciate ALL of herself. It's about that ONE dream you just breathed life into.

Because whether it's 1 or 100...you POUR your ENTIRE heart into them...and you watch them spread their wings and change a 100 more. There is a ripple effect that none of us can predict, but all of us will feel.

That is the power of loving fully. One heart at a time.