On the third day of the camp, we got to Communication skills - "how to speak from your purpose". We started the day with a fun game of Heads Up, which led to a room full of laughter and some good energy to kick things off. Then Christina led the groups through different communication exercises where the kids broke into groups to see how group communication can have more to do with how we communicate, rather than what we say.


After lunch, we brought the students back to thinking about their dreams. Christina led the kids through a powerful creative visualization, where students envisioned their own "perfect world" that they'd like to live in and broke into groups to discuss their dream world with one another. Once students have a vision for themselves, then we challenge them to create a vision for their community and their world. First we brought in some interaction from our social media family, and shared with the kids how some of our Instagram followers responded to the question “What does your perfect world look like?” (Thank you Instagram family for sharing your wonderful ideas with the kids!) The kids read their favorite answers aloud and were inspired by these answers on Instagram and visions from people they have never met before. Once that was over, we asked the kids what their "perfect world" looks like. Here's what they described to us:

I wrapped up day 3 with a lesson on values. First we had a group exercise, where the word “values” was written up on a flip chart and we had all the students approach the flip chart together with markers to write down and define some of their values. Then I had the students decide on the single most important value in each of their lives, and I had them open up a new page in their journals. In it they wrote: “I will not compromise (their value)”. My example to them was “I will not compromise respect.” This is their guiding principle; and can help provide some clarity when things in life might become hard to handle. Something to remind you who you are and why.

“In order to live your ‘why’ you have to decide what ways of being in the world are aligned with your ‘why’. This is determining your own values and virtues. Values that prevail over everything that you do – that define you and guide all your decisions. What do you believe in? What type of person do you want to be? What character traits do you want to be known for? What values do you want to demonstrate to the world?” - Adam

This was a perfect transition to day 4, where we discussed Emotional Intelligence - or "thinking from your purpose".

Thank you to all of our donors who made this possible. Special thank you to our title sponsor National Processing Solutions and the Woodside Community Action Grant for helping us bring the RENEW program to youth in Arizona. We are forever grateful.