Adam leading the kids through  The 3 Most Important Questions  exercise from  MindValley .

Adam leading the kids through The 3 Most Important Questions exercise from MindValley.


After spending time introducing ourselves and the RENEW program, we jumped right into the workshop. A big part of what RENEW does is help students craft a vision for their lives, and then create a strategy to make that dream a reality. That’s why, as always, we started with goals and dream. I began by leading the kids through the Three Most Important Questions exercise from MindValley to help them see what they want from life: what experiences do they want to have? How do they want to grow? What do they want to contribute to the world? Then Christina led a great follow-up exercise entitled “Finding Your Why”, where the students crafted their own “why statements” for their lives and really got to heart of finding their purpose and their passions.

To wrap things up, Uswege spoke about the importance of finding your purpose in life and then acting from that purpose in everything you do and every decision that you make.

“When you have a vision that comes from your heart (your purpose), the only thing that will stop you is the ‘how’. Over the next 3 days, we’re going to give you the skills that will teach you ‘how’ to think, speak and act from your purpose. Decision Making skills on Tuesday, Communication skills on Wednesday, and Emotional Intelligence on Thursday.”

This led us perfectly into our 2nd day: decision-making and goal-setting.

Thank you to all of our donors who made this possible. Special thank you to our title sponsor National Processing Solutions and the Woodside Community Action Grant for helping us bring the RENEW program to youth in Arizona. We are forever grateful.