This is part of our Salon Series where we host members of the community at the home of Ariel Nessel, founder of The Pollination Project and Rebecca Nessel in Ross, CA. This Salon we welcome Uswege Mwakapango from Tanzania and Adam Rubin form Arizona - as they share their journeys and discoveries working and inspiring youth in Tanzania.

Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango, co-founders of RENEW and TPP grantees, will show us how their personal stories of connection and working with disadvantaged youth in Tanzania led to the discovery that human connection precedes inner transformation and how to facilitate that flow for yourself, your organization and the community you are working with. 

What is connection and how does it occur?
How can we connect more? 
How does inner transformation lead to social change?
What type of space can be created in order to allow such questions and ideas to emerge?
How to work in an empowered and connected way across national and cultural lines?