On April 7, RENEW is taking part in the annual Arizona Gives Day online giving campaign to raise awareness of youth leadership in Phoenix, AZ. Last year, Arizona’s donors gave nearly $1.4 million to local non-profits in a single 24 hour period, with non-profits for education and youth particularly popular. Join other change makers on April 7 and discover and learn about Arizona’s nearly 1,000 local charities. Not available April 7? The Arizona Gives Day Web site is open now for donations.

Ready? Here’s a quick guide:

1.     Explore: Visit the Arizona Gives Day Web site to explore non-profits by category, or search for your chosen non-profits.

2.     Give: Donate now or on April 7.

3.     Share: Remember to Like your favorite non-profits on Facebook, and register to receive news on events, volunteer opportunities and fundraising campaigns at the organization’s Web sites.

If you’re into fandom, you can elect not to post your donation anonymously, and you can also elect to dedicate your donation to someone you care about.  Are you supporting a favorite local non-profit for Arizona Gives Day?  Tell us!