SCOTTSDALE—On May 28, 2016, RENEW was gifted more than $50,000 at The New Way Live, an event hosted by Peta Kelly at the JW Mariott in Scottsdale. RENEW was the first ever recipient of the Jeaniius Grant, a $10k investment to an idea, initiative or cause initiating change.

 Adam and Uswege presenting their 5 minute "Move That Matters" on stage at The New Way Live.

Adam and Uswege presenting their 5 minute "Move That Matters" on stage at The New Way Live.

“They educate children around the world from USA to Africa on the most important thing we can ever teach kids – how to love themselves. When I announced them as the winner, the ensure room erupted and then the magic happened – the audience, one by one came up to the room and added on their own gift to the giant cheque, bringing the total to $51k. It was one of the most memorable moments of everyone's life, safe to say. The power of community is so damn beautiful,” says Kelly.

RENEW is an international organization that was founded in Tanzania by Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango to provide young people with the social and emotional skills necessary to overcome limiting beliefs and start living in their greatness. “Students who experience the workshops discover their unique potential, step into their power and become the next generation of conscious leaders,” says Rubin. Since 2013, RENEW has trained more than 1,000 students in Tanzania. In April 2015, RENEW began their program in Arizona and since then they have hosted workshops for more than 100 students in the state.

“We are so grateful for this opportunity to help more children globally. This $10k award, and the heart-driven contributions from the audience members, speaks volumes of the need to bring personal growth and transformation into the classroom and to help kids start living their dreams at an early age. Thank you all so much for transforming the lives of children with us,” says Mwakapango.

The New Way Live is a 2-day millennial retreat hosted by Peta Kelly. According to her website, the event is a “two-day face-to-face team huddle for Millennials who want to show the world how good it’s REALLY meant to be.” The event featured top speakers in the personal development field such as Joel Brown, Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles.


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